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Preschool Department "Deer" 
"Fantasia" Kindergarten - Preschool Education School - Kindergarten - Kalyvia Lamia


At "Fantasia" Kindergarten in Lamia, we realize that children's entrance to school is the first and most important stage in their developmental, educational and psychomotor journey. We understand that this special period of their lives plays a decisive role, making the process of choosing a school an important decision.

In the "Deer" section (age 4.5 to 5.5 years) of the Kindergarten "Fantasia," we provide:

  • Small classes: We ensure small classes, thus offering individual attention and personalized instruction.
  • Guarantee of quality of school life: We offer a safe, friendly and encouraging environment that enhances the well-being and development of the child.
  • Offering cultural and sporting activities: We encourage a diversity of experiences through activities that include arts, sports and cultural outreach.
  • Excellent and spotlessly clean building facilities: We have modern and safe buildings that create a pleasant space for our children.
  • Performing theater and dance performances: We encourage expression and art through theater and dance events.
  • Healthy and homemade food: We provide healthy meals with high quality ingredients that boost children's energy and health.
  • Complete, quality, expanded and modern educational program: We organize educational activities adapted to the needs and interests of our young students, promoting fun and development.

At the Preschool Department "Elafakia" of "Fantasia" Kindergarten, we aim to fully develop and prepare our children for their future, offering a carefully planned educational experience that will help them flourish and develop their skills and knowledge with joy and imagination.